Chartered Energy Managers

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Chartered Energy Managers specialise in the management and efficient use of energy in various forms, typically as part of an in house team - they play a lead role in organisations with regard to the management of energy and the development and implementation of energy policies.

The EI is the only body in the world able to award the title Chartered Energy Manager for those that meet industry standards of competence, and members on our register of Chartered Energy Managers have also been approved to act as ESOS Lead Assessors and provide advice on ESOS requirements and ESOS compliance.

For a full listing of those Chartered Managers who wish to act as ESOS Lead Assessor and be included in our public listing please see Find an ESOS Lead Assessor.

For further information or if you are interested in applying to be registered as a Chartered Energy Manager:

We also offer training for those who wish to develop their energy management skills, perhaps with a view to changing their roles or ultimately working towards chartership for companies who want to build the energy awareness of their staff and for those organisations who are getting to grips with ESOS.