The EI runs a range of training courses designed to help your organisation get to grips with ESOS, develop your organisations energy awareness or manage energy in your organisation more effectively.

ESOS training

Preparing your organisation for ESOS

Preparing your organisation for ESOS is a one day training course for staff involved in carrying out the ESOS process to understand the practicalities of calculating their organisation's energy consumption, identifying areas for audit and ensure they are compliant with ESOS regulations.

ESOS for senior managers

ESOS for senior managers is a half day training course for senior managers signing off ESOS on behalf of their organisation to clarify their roles as a 'responsible officer'.

Acting as an ESOS Lead Assessor

Acting as an ESOS Lead Assessor is a one a day training course for those that will be the lead assessors for their organisation or on a consultancy basis. The course will cover the ESOS timetable and regulations, methods of conducting an ESOS assessment and reporting requirements. You will need to be registered with the EI as ESOS Lead Assessor before you can take this course.

Developing your energy management capability

If you have long term energy management needs and want to make sure you are keeping your energy costs low and identifying opportunities for maximum savings, why not consider developing your in-house capability?

The EI runs a series of courses to help your staff team develop energy  management knowledge. These range from introductory courses for those who have no previous experience in energy management, and intermediate and advance courses, for those who want to develop in depth knowledge and expertise and achieve real energy savings. Our Advanced Energy Manager programme provides a good foundation for becoming a Chartered Energy Manager. Find out more about the energy management training courses.

We also offer Energy Aware, a package to help everyone in your organisation contribute to saving energy.